Friday, March 16, 2012

I Clutch Worry

I clutch worry to my chest. I clutch hard. I cling to it as to a beloved pet. I stroke until eyes are wide and sleep escapes. I grasp tight until headaches come.
I clutch worry.
I pack suitcases full. Trunks of anxiety line the walls of my heart.
Fears of tomorrow, doubts of today. Money, children, health, acceptance, all find space.
I clutch worry.

worry v. 3 to experience concern, disquietude, or anxiety
Do not worry about your life... Matthew 6:25
Do not worry. Do not. Do not clutch. Do not cling or grasp or stroke. Do not pack it away.
Do not.
What then? How do I loosen this grip? Release the clutch?

Look at the birds, free and unfettered.... careless in the care of God. Matthew 6: 26 Message

Look. Free. Unfettered. Careless. Care-less.
Look... care less. Care less about tomorrow. Care less about doubts. Care less about these earthly things. Instead, look. Look up. Look to where freedom is found.
The care of God. God cares.
He cares about money. He cares about my children and health and … And He cares about me.
He cares.
He gently pries the fingers loose. Persistently tosses the trunks cluttering.
I clutch... Him.
I clutch peace.

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