Friday, June 29, 2012


Like the Israelites, I have to be willing to go into the deep. Into deep fear, pain, uncertainty.
For them, it was the depths of the Red Sea.
For me, it is into the rebellion of a son, the valley of grief or the angst of disappointment.
I have to walk here? Into the midst of this? My heart cries for certainty. For solid. For proof.
Proof, I will make it to the other side. Proof I will survive. Proof that God will be there too. There in the midst of the deep.
The Israelites had pillars. One of light and one of cloud. Indicators of God's presence.
I have God's word. Words on a page, living. Active. Indicators of God's presence. 
That this journey is safe. That there will be a celebration on the other side.
I cautiously step out. Trusting my God. Believing He is with me. Clinging to living words.
Clinging to proof.

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