Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Land of Dread

I have lived in the Land of Dread. Dwelt there. Built the walls, with brick upon brick of fear. Surrounding my heart with the lies of doubt. Silencing hope with maybes and what-ifs.
How can I not? When one is Stage 4 and another was right there in the Land of Possibilities.  When I have already grieved the loss of sixteen, one day, and not-yet-born, their bodies now dust, deep in the ground.
How do I escape the gnawing monster that lurks ahead, waiting to clamp its jaws, piercing, squeezing, threatening tomorrow? How do I?
"Whoever listens to Me, will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster. " Proverbs 1:33 NASB
Whoever. That includes me. Me!
Listens. Pays attention to, heeds.
Me.  My Father who loves. My Shepherd who carries. The One who knows. All. The One who reigns over all. All! That One.
If I give attention to and turn my ears towards Him whose motive is always love, if I do that, then. Then there are three gifts He gives.
I will dwell secure. I will live in the Land of Freedom. Freedom from care. Freedom from Fear.
I will be at ease. This is a position of rest. It is a state of quiet. Of Peace.
I will be without dread of disaster. The Land of Dread is in the Land of Tomorrow. It is about future events, that I fear might happen. Dread is crippling, clinging, lying. And God, he is Present. If I will listen to my Present God, instead of the lies of Tomorrow, I will have Freedom. Rest. Peace. I will not dread.
This is not a promise of no disasters. This is a promise of heart's soothing. Today. This moment. When I listen to my God, pay close attention to His words, hope is born. I can build a new wall, brick by brick, of trust. Of Truth. And find Comfort. Grace. And tranquil quiet.
Listening to the whispers of His Spirit, wafting through Today, is how. I leave. The Land of Dread.


  1. I LOVE this. Whoever listens to Me.
    How often I have read, but not taken to heart His offers of love and provision. I've not believed-not really HEARD Him.
    I am curious about your loss of 16. Do you mean children? You have been given such a beautiful message from your losses. The feeling of dread. I have awakened with it often in my life and I suspect many others do, but don't mention it because we get on with the day.

    Listen to God. A powerful message.
    Praying for you sweet sister.

    1. We have buried three children, one day old, age sixteen and a stillborn.

  2. Deb, this is powerful. I am so sorry for your losses. Like Kathy said, you have a beautiful message and gift in it. I'm praying for you today! It really is the challenge we all have- to continue trusting God in the midst of loss and heartache and to not be shaken because of Him. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this at The Loft.

  3. I am so glad I read this today. Have spent many days the in Land of Dread myself, and trying to build those bricks of trust by God's grace. #TheLoft