Sunday, April 12, 2015

Full Then Empty

I went away full but the LORD has brought me home empty. Ruth 1:2 NLT

I went away full.
Full of self, full of fear.
I left full of dreams, overflowing.
I went away all filled up
With Me and Mine and My-way.
Long years later,
The LORD, my Master, my Savior,
Has brought me home.
Empty of control, and My-this-is-how.
Empty of dreams now scattered.
Empty of demands and commands,
And the endless I-wants.  
My LORD has brought me back
Full of graves and ache,
Full of trust and hope,
Full of Truth.
Now long emptied of fear and My-way,
And the nonsense of I-can-do-it-myself,
I am filled with grace,
With peace,
And am overflowing
With more of Him. 

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