Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Good Day for Ducks

It's raining. Again.
It's not so much the constant dripping that gets to me... unless I am walking out in it. It's the gray. The drab. The blah of days like these. It's the attitude of the day.

Today is a good day for ducks.

Ducks are never bothered by rain. In fact, they seem to flourish in wet. They choose to be in the rain. Present. They waddle and quack , surrendered, to being wet. As if they were made for such days.
Never bothered. Flourish. Present. Surrendered. Made for such days.
Made for wetness. For gray.

Why is it my attitude easily becomes so gray? When faced with difficulties. With monotony. With wetness constantly dripping on my dreams. I don't flourish. I shrivel. I don't choose the rain. I hide. I run the other way.

I am reminded of days when my children would beg to go play during a spring rain. With sweet abandon, they surrender to the wet. With laughter and giggles, they would splash and dance , present . In the rain.
The Lord whispers, “Unless you become like a little child...” (Matthew 18:3 ).
Like a child. Surrendered. Present. Flourishing. In rain.
It's a matter of attitude. Of choosing. Of surrendering.

Today is a good day for ducks.

For children.

For me.

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