Monday, April 16, 2012

Like Leah

I have been a lot like Leah, way back in Genesis 29.
She put her hope in people, in changed circumstances, even in changed hearts. Leah went from” God sees”, to ”God hears”, to “I quit!” before she could grasp that her hope had been misplaced. She suffered years of hurt before she could acknowledge that God, alone, must be her hope.
Leah was unloved by man. Yet loved and cared for by an Eternal Lover- God, Himself.
I, too, have put my hope in people. In changed circumstances. “If only things were different!” has often been my refrain. I have even hoped for others' changed hearts . (I'm sure mine is just fine, thank you!) Only to be hurt, disappointed, even despairing.
Yet God, in His mercy, has chosen to hear, to see, to respond. It's not that hearts were changed or even circumstances. Just as God transformed Leah's heart, He has transformed mine. From desperation to praise. From pity-party to thanksgiving. From relying on people to trusting in God.
I believe Leah could have sung along with the Psalmist in 62:5
"Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him."
Just like Leah, I choose to put my hope in God, my Eternal Lover.
And rest there.

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