Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I laughed when I read that on a license plate .One of my pastimes is to read license plates. I often chuckle over their creativity. But this one was plain arrogance! Not only did it provoke a desire for more in others, it was an ugly car! I smiled knowingly.


What?!? The humor quickly dissipated.


Suddenly my heart and mind overflowed with areas of envy in my own life. A whole list spilled out.
I envied others without the losses I'd suffered.
I envied others with great relationships with their Dads.
I envied others with savings.
I envied others with children who all walked with the Lord.
I envied others who seemed so satisfied with their lives.
I envied others....

As I confessed my sin before the Lord, I had to admire God's creativity. Only the Lord, can use a hobby I enjoy, to send a message to my heart.
Today, I read one that said: HUGZ N KSSS. Thanks, Lord for another love note!!

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