Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Star of David

There it is among the laughter. I see it clearly. This Star of David mingles with the daffodils. Arms stretched wide, red bleeding into its innocence. Beauty bought with the price of darkness.
Here was the essence of Easter. Christ, arms stretched wide, bleeding into His innocence.
As winters' storms are captured in one dull bulb, sin's storms were captured in one humble man, producing freedom.
Redemption bought with the price of darkness.
I want to live in the laughter of spring.
This Star of David reminds me of the cost. It is suffering. Even unto death. The arms must stretch wide, willingly. There must be a choosing of death to self. An embracing of the challenges. A following to the darkness of storm.
Only then is there redemption. Only then is there life.
The laughter is only for a season.
But this extending of the arms, this is for Life.
My arms stretch wide.

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