Monday, March 11, 2013


The plaque on the door stated it clear.
PUSH a little HARDER
And isn't this world full of the shove?
Propel your way to the top.
Move ahead. Move aside.
Elbow. Hustle. Bulldoze.
Try. HARDER. Keep striving.
Put in more effort. More time.
You. Are one.
Of the Beautiful. Successful. Perfect. People.
And my heart cries, "No!"
I want to push a little harder. Against.
The darkness. Of such lies.
I want. To push a little harder. Into.
My Lord. His grace. His love.
To push. A little. Harder. Admitting.
My own lack. And His strength.
But mostly.
I want to cease. The jostle. The striving.
And know. My God.

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