Saturday, July 13, 2013

He Comes

Hosea 6:3 tells me "He will come to us like the rain..."*
As my feet are soaked, my clothes are damp and I am tired of puddle jumping I often don't think we need the rain to come.
If I take a moment to look around I will find yards lush with grass and gardens overflowing with flowers due to all the rain.
Rain causes growth.
It's the growth part that I am kicking the traces about.
Really? Again? Today?
You want to come to me to cause growth in me, today? Couldn't we put off this damp for a day or two or six? I want sunshine!!!!!
And there's the rub. I think I can have lush without the drips and drabs.
It just doesn't work that way.
I can be certain I will be puddle jumping, again, today.
And I can be certain my God will come to me, today.
"He will come to us like the rain----"
Oh! There He is! I see Him! He is coming! Oh, at long last, He is coming!
And I am drenched in His presence.
Soaked with His grace. Damp with His comfort.
He has come. Mercy has come.

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