Thursday, March 5, 2015

Will They Believe?

Way back there, before the Promised Land, twelve men were sent to scout, to decide for themselves, what they believed. Ten reported their doubts and fears. Only two believed the Promised.
And all those people waiting? They believed in Giants. Trusted fears. And responded, just like me. (Numbers 13:33-14:1-11)
They cried and worried all night long. (v. 1)
With the sun, came the complaints and protests. (v. 2)
As the day wore on, so did the "Whys" and "If onlys". This reached fever-pitch by mid-afternoon when the "It'd be better if---", and all the plotting and attempts to control began. (v. 3, 4)
My, my, my. Could you imagine such behavior (she asks, chagrined)?
The plot thickens.
Along came Truth, spoken loud and clear. "The LORD, our Sovereign God, the great
I AM, is with us. Don't be afraid!" ( v. 9)
And how did those wayward people respond, to words they did not wish to hear? Oh, just like I would: they rebelled and began discussing ways to carry out their rebellion. ( Can you imagine?!?) (v. 10)
Into the midst of all that mess, wades a willing God. "The glorious presence of the LORD appeared, to all---". Everyone, simply everyone, knew that I AM, had arrived. He challenges their thoughts, their behavior, with a question that still echoes through the years. (v.10,11)
       "Will they believe, Me?"
Will they, will I, presume true the Promised? Or will we cling to rumors, feelings, doubts?
Will we assume the crowd, the circumstances, know best? Rely on our own schemes and plans, or will we trust in Truth? Cling to Him, who knows all, is Sovereign over all?
Will we accept, Him?
'God the Master, the Holy of Israel, has this solemn counsel:
"Your salvation requires you to turn back to Me and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves. Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on Me-- The very thing you've been unwilling to do." ' Isaiah 30:15 MSG
I am challenged by such words. It is time to decide: who will I put confidence in? My own fears and doubts, or the One who created those Giants, threatening? Will I stop my silly efforts or settle down in complete dependence on Him? I really don't want to be counted among those who have seen His glorious presence, but again and again, refused to listen to His voice. (v.22)
I would be counted with those two who accepted the Promised. "The LORD is with us! Don't be afraid!"

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