Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm dusty, Lord.
Wanting, clinging to that which does not satisfy. I serve others and their changing whims. I serve me. I LIKE the temporary. The fleeting. It is EASY to love dust. Who wants to make the effort to be rid of it? That which so often brings pleasure. Those hidden sins---the lusting of others', the smirking and belittling in my heart towards those around me. The greed and constant wanting of more. I listen, even relish, earth's applause.

I'm dusty, Lord.
What is it, about this dust, that hinders me?

Dust is elusive and pervading.
Dust is weak.
Dust is nothing more than left-overs.
Left-over fabric. Left-over flowers. Left-over paper. Left-over life.
Dust is decay.
Dust is worthless.

"So trust in the Lord (commit yourself to Him, hope confidently in Him) forever; for the Lord God is an everlasting Rock [the Rock of Ages].              Isaiah 26:4 Amplified

Oh, Father of Mercy, rid me of this reuse! Keep me discontent with decay! Thwart the worthless in my life. Enable me to commit to the Lasting, the Solid, the Satisfying.

Dust me, Lord.

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  1. I too am prisoner to those hidden sins. The last 2 weeks or so I am caught by these feelings of being the victim... and I can't seem to shake them. My personal growth has halted. I seek the attention and love of others instead of God's. I feel lonely. ... I know God is the answer; God can provide all the comfort, love, and hope I need if I allow him, but why do I hide?

    Thank you for posting! I forget I can ask for His help to seek Him. Often if I'm having trouble seeking Him, I think I have to gain the strength on my own before I can approach Him again. Silliness. Just as you said, "Enable me to commit to the Satisfying." :)