Friday, April 27, 2012

He Gave

For God so loved the world, He gave.... John 3:16
That was this morning's verse on my verse-a-day calendar. I could not get past, “He gave.” His love being a giving love.
Give (v.)
          1. to make a present of
          2. to grant or bestow
          3. to yield
I want love to be soft and fluffy. I want it to be mushy and delightful. I want love to be simple and easy.
I want love to be easy.
 That's why I couldn't get past, “He gave.”
God's love was anything but easy. He granted unearned favor. He gifted me with all that He had. He yielded all.
God's love is hard.
 And I'm stuck back here on easy.
That kind of love requires sacrifice, effort. A willingness to go beyond feelings. It is an action-filled love.
I am challenged to love like that. To gift. To bestow grace upon those around me. To yield all, for Love's sake.
He gave. So must I.

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