Friday, April 20, 2012

Seek First

I have been doing a lot of seeking lately. I have been searching, looking, hunting and keeping a sharp look-out. I have been working hard, spending hours on this effort. I have felt nearly consumed by this search. It is continually on my mind. I talk about it a lot. And I've even prayed about it. All to no avail. I have still come up empty handed. Nothing.
What have I been seeking? A car.
After wasting half my date time with my Beloved last night, discussing cars , again, it hit me.
Seek first His kingdom, and His righteousness.
Seek first, God.
Why? Why should I seek first, God?
It says it right there in Matthew 6:33. And all these things will be given to you.
If I would simply apply the same strategy I used in searching for a car, in seeking after God, He will provide just what I need, when I need it. I came up empty handed because I have been seeking the wrong thing. I have been hunting for what I wanted, instead of keeping a sharp look-out for what God wanted for me.
Does that mean I stop looking at cars? No, it simply means I spend more time with my Father . He knows that we need a more reliable car. He knows my heart's desires. He even knows just where the perfect car is located. I need to want my God more than wanting a car.
Besides, only He can find a spring green VW Bug with flower brake lights!!!

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