Friday, June 1, 2012

And They Did

This sense of urgency assails me. Obey, NOW.
“Speak to this young girl riding in your car of your Savior.”
“Read your journals.”
“Write this.”
“Talk of this in class.”
Even Christ's momma knew that obedience to her Son was important.
During a wedding, she states: Do whatever He tells you to do. John2:5
 The servants' response? Verse 7:So, they filled them up to the brim. What had Jesus asked them to do? Fill the jars with water. That's all. Nothing elaborate. Just fill these jars with water. And they did. Right then.
The result ? God transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. Water became wine.
What if the servants had delayed their obedience? What if they had stood around whining and complaining about the task given, putting it off? Or even refusing to do it all? Their lack of obedience would have affected a lot of people. There was no more wine, in the midst of a celebration. A party with no means to quench the thirst.
It may be that my delay, or lack of obedience, will affect others as well.
 It's time to obey, NOW.
As I do, I may just witness God transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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