Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I stirred long.
Strawberries simmered slow.
My Beloved and I were producing jam. He sang. I stirred.
Now summer's rubies lined up in jars.
I had been gathering gems all day. Steam full of summer. Songs echoing in the kitchen. Rubies glowing in jars. Laughter and kisses. Satisfied sighs of children spreading red on slices.
I am too often engaged or preoccupied to count the gems. I am too dull to gather the gifts of the day.
If only I would simmer slow.
Mine the rubies.
Gather the treasures.
Stir long in this pot of experience.
Delight is found here. In the simple. In the gathering.
I spread rubies and take a bite.
Ahh, delicious!

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