Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Fragment

“Do not be dazzled by the world’s judgments--- There is yet harder and higher heroism- to live well in the quiet routine of life; to fill a little space because God wills it---” Frederic W. Farrar   Streams In The Desert

I am challenged by such words.
I confess, I am not always satisfied to be a mere fragment. To fill a little space.
I would rather trumpet, loudly, for all the world to see and hear: me.
I want to be known, nationwide, for my walk with God. I want to be on the New York Times’ bestseller list. I want to be like Esther, ”For such a time as this.”
Such is my pride, my arrogance. Such is my envy.
The truth is, when I am full of “I”, there is no room for “I AM.”
How quickly I forget that God has the whole picture in mind.
When I consider the stained glass window, the whole picture, I realize each fragment is important. Even the loss of one small piece of color is noticeable, jarring.
When considering NY Times’ lists, I am being dazzled by the world’s judgments.
God would have me dazzled by Him.
And willing.
To fill. A little. A piece.
So, once again, I find myself in the position of yielding. Submitting.
To occupy just a fragment. Even a seemingly insignificant sliver.
To live well, a quiet life.
Because He wills it.

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