Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Snorting and Bucking

I have been snorting and bucking for a long time.
Like a horse, green-broke, I have been subdued by the bit of Christ. I would gladly follow.
Take me where You want, Lord! I'll go. Willingly.
As long as it's just You and me, Lord.
It's that saddle that has me still snorting and bucking.
When the burden of denying myself, is laid upon my back, I kick and holler. Throw my fit.
That saddle? It is about inviting others into my life. It has everything to do with how I treat them and how I view them. That saddle has to do with disregarding myself, my interests, my comfort, my rights. For others.
It is sacrificing, rejecting. Me.
And who wants to do that? So I get mad, bent out of shape. I snap and fuss and whine. I run the other way.
Who holds the bit.
Who it is that cares for me.
That Christ, was merciful, good, to me, the ungrateful, the selfish, the wicked.
That Christ, yielded all, for my sake.
That my Lord, He is worthy, of my trust.
That I can rely on, adhere to, even yield to, Him.
As that saddle cleaves to my back, I can cleave, steadfastly, to my God.
To Him, who understands the bit.
I can stop snorting. Stop bucking.
And walk, sedately, with Him.
If I'm willing.

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