Wednesday, April 16, 2014

That' s the Real Thing!

She earnestly desired communion. Had been denied it, for far too long. The pastor, he was willing to serve her, right there in her bed. She was like a Queen upon her throne. Declaring.
"Jesus died for me. He took all my sins away. "
Simple words, spoken with conviction.
Profound words, in a week facing Easter. A week spent preparing hearts and homes.
"God is soo good!", she said. These were words coming from a body, wrecked.
We prayed together. The minister of grace passed the bread. "Christ's body broken for you." He passed the drink. "Christ's blood shed for you."
Here was the broken, desiring the Broken.  As she gulped down His goodness, she regally declared, "That's the real thing!" Her smile was wide and satisfied. And the ecstasy on her face was glorious to behold.
She who had longed to be given communion, had given to us. A reminder, that Jesus, He is, the real thing.

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