Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Key

I can be confident of which key opens the door. It's the only one that fits and that turns the lock. With boldness, I choose the correct means of access from the ring of jingling metal. I trust this small instrument, certain it will perform its duties to the utmost. I am boldly believing it is the designated shape controlling the entrance through this particular door.

How is it that I can be so sure, so positive, that this hand-held device will accomplish the task, and be so insecure, fearful, about what God will do?
My children hoped I'd hurry and find the correct key to unlock the car doors this morning, as they stood, waiting in the rain. I often act as though God is fumbling for the correct means of access or has dropped or even lost it. Meanwhile, I am drenched with dissatisfaction , with doubt, while the rain of misery continues. And I just want Him to hurry up!
As God's child, I can count on Him to accomplish all that He has promised. The key to gaining entrance to courage, strength and hope, in the midst of drab, is to trust God. It is praising Him in the night, dauntless in the belief that the sun still shines beyond these dreary clouds. It is to watch with faith, for the parade to come; the bands of His goodness and sovereignty, the floats of His grace. It is to expect God, eagerly looking for Him.
Each time the metal jingles on my key ring, as I seek the correct one, I am reminded, I can always be confident in God.
But as for me, I will look to the Lord
And confident in Him,
I will keep watch;
I will wait with hope and expectancy
For the God of my salvation.
Micah 7:7 AMP

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