Monday, March 26, 2012

A Band-aid

 It started as a story, for children, this band-aid wrapped around.
I reminded them how Mommy comes when they have fallen. Kissing scraped knee, holding them close. And for extra comfort, to apply a band-aid. All Mothers know the medicinal value of a band-aid!
It was a simple way to explain God's desire to come to us when we are hurting. I applied a band-aid to each of them as a reminder. As they scampered off to Children's Church, I was reluctant to remove my own.
Within an hour, I would need that symbol of God's nearness.
My Beloved's brother had shed his earthly shell, after a long battle with cancer. Each time I glimpsed my bandaged finger that day, I was comforted anew: God is near.
What started as a story, for children, became a song in the night for me. God is near. GOD, in all His mercy, GOD in all His comfort, is near. As close and as tightly wrapped around as this band-aid , is my God. He held me close.
God does come to us when we are hurting. And His coming might be as simple as a band-aid.

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