Friday, March 23, 2012

A Handful of Spring

I plucked a handful of spring yesterday. The ruffled edges of daffodils were flirting with me. The song of their waving heads nodding in the breeze wooed me. I had to pluck them. Had to discern their secrets.
This handful of spring , only weeks before, were brown, dull bulbs, stuck in a dark place. Hidden away for a season. Resting. Being renewed. Storing up resources. Now there is radiance, beauty that calls to me as I pass by. How did that happen? I want to get this. To understand how something ugly is transformed to beauty.
First, there is a willingness. The bulb must be willing to be put in a dark place.
Then there is endurance. Endurance of cold and storm . Of dark and even loneliness.
At last there is renewal. The resting and storing up, which allows further growth.
Undisturbed, these ruffled edges multiply, until a sizable patch bears witness to their faithfulness.
The Lord has plucked a handful of me today. It is His song I heard on the breeze. It is I who must have a willing heart , to go to dark places. I must endure storm and cold for the beauty yet to come. Then I must rest in Him. Be renewed by His word. I must store up truth to allow further growth. Undisturbed in my willingness to endure and rest, the radiance of Christ within me will call to others as they pass by.
A handful of spring has brought me Life.

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