Friday, March 30, 2012

Love Walks Here

I have a burned spot on my carpet.
It was inadvertently branded by an iron. I place a rug over the spot, grateful, the carpet wasn't consumed by flames. The remainder of the carpet is beautiful. I am unwilling to toss it for the sake of one scorch.
“He who covers over an offense promotes love.” Proverbs 17:9
Ah, the arrow pierces deep!
How often have I been willing to toss a relationship, toss a person for a single scorch? How quickly I focus on that painful burn! It's as if I want to keep hearing the sizzle. The branding of my heart seems so glaring, I'd best be rid of it altogether.
I must make a choice:
Toss or forgive.
Consume with flames of resentment or be grateful for the beauty.
Be rid of the person and relationship.
Or place a rug over the scorch. Cover it with love.
I am compelled to cover.
To speak truth to my heart and those around me:
Love walks here.

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