Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chase After Me

I am continually chasing.
You would think, having so many fruits, I would be hunting, children. And I have. Followed little feet bound for disaster, or at least another cookie.
Instead, I find I have been on the hunt for more elusive elements. Acceptance. Perfection. Beauty.
We are all familiar with car chase scenes. One car, at high speeds, careening recklessly, determined to elude the one seeking.
I have been there in the midst of such.
Careening recklessly at high speeds, in hopes of capturing, the elusive. And that is the goal. To capture.
The problem with a car chase, is there is notoriously destruction in such escapades.
In my determined hunt for "doing it right", it seems the only things I have captured are headaches, stomach aches and sleepless nights. Following after acceptance has often brought rejection, of me and of others, to further hurt.
I find that at this stage, I am weary of the chase.
The truth of these words captured me.
"Your beauty and love chase after me everyday of my life." Psalm 23:6 M
It seems the very things that have evaded me, are pursuing me.
All my recklessness is swallowed whole by Love, Himself.
All the destruction I have caused is consumed by Beauty, ravishing.
And each day, when my heart begins seeking, I find that I am being sought.
And captured, if I am but willing.
By Perfection.
And isn't that what Beauty really is?

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