Saturday, January 24, 2015

All Her Days

All the days planned for me were written in Your book... Psalm 139:16 NCV

All the days ordained. Every day of her life.
And I act as though she was missing some. That God has forgotten to write some important dates on the calendar.
The days of her marriage and children. The years of chasing and fetching, of hugging and nurturing that fruit until it is grown and bearing its own. Or the days when silence creeps in with the grey and laughter echoes in the hall.
All the stages of her life have been spread out, like fabric upon a table. Once cut, the material can not grow or be extended. It can only shrink in size. How often have I snipped the fabric too short, wishing for more. And here I am, wanting more. Days, years, a lifetime. Feeling as if the fabric of her days has been improperly trimmed or the wrong pattern laid out.
I want the book to be longer. More chapters to be included. I am certain some vital parts are missing. Pages unread.
Surely there is more!
Surely a mistake has been made, somewhere, some how.
The clock slows its ticking and I ache to rewind it, to keep it counting hours more.
Yet, the words are clear. All the days. Every. Each.
God has not snipped the fabric of her life incorrectly. He has not removed important pages from the story or forgotten to wind the clock.
All the puzzle pieces are here.
He has carefully planned. He has scheduled and recorded. He has included all the moments that blossom into years.
The Author of Life knows this story perfectly.  
I could wish for more to be scattered across the table. I can feel sad the book is near completion. Or I can admire the narrative laid before me. I can relish each word typed upon the page. Be grateful for each line that has been strung to form the paragraphs and chapters of her life.
I can delight in the style and grace of this creation. Marvel at His workmanship.
And I can join with David saying, "I praise You because You made (her) in an amazing and wonderful way. What You have done is wonderful. " (Psalm 139:14 NCV)
What He has done. Is. Wonderful.
Oh, LORD, maker of heaven and earth, Sovereign God, I praise You! You are Life, Himself. Thank You. Thank You that all her days were planned, written down, before one of them came to be. Only You Lord, could be so kind.
Indeed, You are wonderful.
Thank You for ALL her days. 

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