Friday, July 10, 2015

Mark Me

The trademark on all His works is love. Psalm 145:17 Message

When children die and your heart is sore, these are good words to hold on to. He engraves all that He does, with love. Without exception.

Me? I want to run the other way. Who wants their heart tattooed? My son, his arm, on that shoulder above his heart? It's red and sore. Needles poking in and out for an hour, or more. That's the price he pays for Barney's Mayhem. That's the cost of his reminder that Jesus' life was chock full, of mayhem. And who wants to remember that God, He chose such?
Me? I so want the easy way. The less painful road. I want to skip through life singing of lollipops and butterflies. Yet how will I ever know, how can I ever be reminded, of endless love, unless I am willing to have my heart engraved?
Yes, the cost can be high. I may suffer, not just for days, like my son, but for months and even years. My heart may well be bruised and sore, yet I find myself crying out with David:
"Show me how You work, God; school me in Your ways.
Take me by the hand;
... Mark the milestones of Your mercy and love, God;
....Forget that I sowed wild oats;
 Mark me with Your sign of love. "  Psalm 25:4-7 Message
Mark me! Stamp Your emblem upon me! Engrave Your love, oh God, upon me, upon my life!
So that on days, like today, I can remember, and know, that Your motive is love. Always love.

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